Teak Outdoor Furniture

Unlike other wood furniture, teak is known for its quality, durability, and beauty. The hard, densely grained wood is naturally resistant to moisture and weathers attractively. Responsibly harvested teak is used to create beautiful designs without causing detriment to the environment.

three birds casual avanti dining sling teak chair

Avanti Dining

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Avanti Dining You’ll appreciate the fashion and function of the Avanti Dining [...]

three birds casual avanti teak extension dining table

Avanti Dining Extension Table

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Avanti Dining Extension Table Don’t sweat about last minute additions to your [...]

three birds casual monterey outdoor dining teak chair

Monterey Dining

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Monterey Dining Enjoy dinner and conversation from the comfort of the Monterey [...]

three birds casual riviera dining sling chair teak

Riviera Dining

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Riviera Dining Get the best of both worlds with the Riviera Dining [...]

three birds casual newport teak dining table

Newport Dining Table

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Newport Dining Table Add seating options with the Newport Teak Dining Table. [...]

kingsley bate spencer dining arm chair willow

Spencer Dining

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Spencer Dining The Spencer Dining Collection combines modern design with mid-century flair. [...]

kingsley bate hadley dining arm chair natural rope teak

Hadley Dining

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Hadley Dining Bring fine interior furniture style outdoors with the Hadley Dining [...]

kingsley bate venice dining chair teak willow wicker

Venice Dining

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Venice Dining Create a unique styling in your outdoor living space with [...]

kingsley bate wainscott dining table teak

Wainscott Dining Table

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Wainscott Dining Table Enhance your outdoor style with the Wainscott Dining Table. [...]

kingsley bate waverly teak bench

Waverly Teak Bench

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Waverly Teak Bench Introduce extra seating to you backyard with the Waverly [...]

kingsley bate hyannis extension table teak

Hyannis Extension Table

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Hyannis Extension Table Pair the Hyannis Extension Table with a variety of [...]

kingsley bate teak serving cart with wheels

Teak Serving Cart

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Teak Serving Cart Elevate your hosting skills with the aid of this [...]

kingsley bate wainscott dining table teak

Wainscott Dining Table

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Wainscott Dining Table Bring home fine outdoor furniture; the Wainscott Dining Table [...]